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Half Round Barns & Circular Modules

O'Neill Half Round Barns & Circular Modules are Economic, Strong, Durable and Versatile. They are built to conform with the current building code and we are able to obtain all building consents from your council which is payable by the client.

Standard Size

The Circular Shed is 8.5m wide x 4.85m high. Bays are normally 3.6m long. The ends can be closed completely or have a pair of sliding doors. The door opening size is 3.7m wide x 4.1m high. The client has only to supply Ready Mix for the footings and a LEVEL SITE.
OPTIONS to enhance the appearance
  • Colorsteel cladding
  • Spouting
  • Clearlights for extra warmth & light


Storage for 500 to 600 conventional bales of hay per bay.


Extend the available area by adding lean-tos to modify the use of your shed. Lean-tos are variable in both size and shape to suit specific needs.

Mini Barns

These sheds at 5.0m x 3.0m high are ideal for animal rearing or storage.
This size of shed is particularly suited to smaller or lifestyle blocks.
  • Mini barns come in modules of 3.6m bays
  • Blank ends or door ends
  • Colorsteel

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